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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

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Innovative Technologies

  • Hardware-controlled parallel processing
  • For offLINE- and onBOARD-Programming

Our programming systems take advantage of innovative technologies:

smartJET - Advancements through Highspeed-Technology

The newly designed smartJET-Technology generates hardware supported programming sequences with an enhanced speed for writing, verify and, above all, while CRC-checksums are calculated for the devices.

Huge Memory Flashing HMF on JET-Basis P67805

By using a preloaded image card via an FPGA-based DUT-interface, huge data quantities are programmed in parallel mode directly into the flash devices.


  • Feasible for any production environment
  • Cascadable and usable in parallel
  • 100 percent galvanically separated
  • Remote-controlled, compact and modular combinable

Your advancements during device programming in the production line during In-Circuit Test comprises:

ertec inLINE-Programming Systems with an embedded intelligence and data-storage combine a maximum flexibility with an optimum user-friendlyness by means of an open and system capable process extension. Depending on the specifications for the programming cycle, there are separate inLINE flasher units for integration into the production line as well as to extend your In-Circuit Tester (ICT) by integration.

» Serial-Flasher ertius
» Serial-Flasher PGS80 and PGS85
» Parallel-Flasher PGS8P