ertec - Die Bausteinprogrammierer DEKRA Certification
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We - the ertec GmbH

We - the ertec GmbH

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Our Philosophy

With more than 40 years of experiences, we have been implementing creative solutions when it comes to programming of electronic devices. We have specialized in development tools, the integration into the production line as well as the production of automated programming systems. As a firm part of the HTV Company Group, we represent a high performance center for electronic components and we design programming systems for the leading users.

Individual Solutions for Individual Requirements

Joining together with you, we generate a custom-tailored complete solution to program any available programmable device. Apart from this, programming of specially designed ASIC-devices as well as the implementation of  customized solutions, are part of our scope of performance.

In addition, we provide the professional features of a programming house, comprising custom-specific demanding tasks in conformity with highest quality levels.

Best Quality and Professional Support

Device Programming is exclusively carried out utilizing our systems (designed and tested by ertec). Due to this fact, we are enabled to meet your requirements efficiently and in a flexible way. We guarantee that each and every device is correctly programmed and tested in conformity with the device manufacturer´s programming specification.
During the integration of our programming hardware into the production process, as well as afterwards, we provide a wide range of support. We offer help for both long distance, yet, for on-site operations: „Service Vouchers“.

The finishing touches are provided for all our processes through the appropriate ISO-Certification, which guarantees a gapless traceability and process transparency.

Long-Term Cooperation Without License Fees

We value cost transparency and quality. Therefore, we do not charge any market-common license fees. The pricing of our services and products are clearly specified and do not hide any cost.

We want to achieve new technologies and applications in cooperation with our customers. Mutual benefits can only be reached on a basis of trust. This attitude is understood by every single co-worker at ertec. Consequently, their commitment to perform excellently can be taken for granted.