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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

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Parallel-Flasher PGS8P

Inline-Programming Close to Physical Limits

The ertec PGS8P is based on a modular concept of onBOARD-Programming Systems with serial channel toward inline-programming of devices in the production line. By mounting several PGS8P-Modules on a DIN-carrier rail, you are enabled to reach the shortest cycle-times.

Product Details

  • smartJET-Technology
  • parallel channel for High-Speed-Flash-Mode – optimized for high performance Production
  • freely scalable for specific features
  • gapless transparency throughout all processes due to network connection
  • open system, system-ready process coupling via DLL-API invocations, or, as a WIN32-Automation Object


The data sheet for our Parallel-Flasher PGS8P is available from our internal Download Area (registration required).