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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

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Serial Flashers, Type PGS80 / PGS85

Inline programming close to physical limits

ertec PGS80 is an OnBoard programmer which has been designed for the use in customer production lines.
It is based on ertec's modular concept of inline programming systems.
Shortest cycle times can be achieved by mounting several (up to 99!) PGS80 flashers on a DIN carrier rail.

ertec PGS85 is a 19” rack variant of the PGS80 with identical functions.
For the perfect fit in e.g. an ICT test system it is possible to plug up to ten PGS85 modules into one 19“ rack (3 RU each).

Product Details

  • smartJET-Technology
  • Serial channel for High-Speed-Flash-Mode – optimized for high performance production lines
  • Freely scalable for specific features
  • Gapless transparency throughout all processes due to network connection
  • Open system, system-ready process coupling via DLL API invocations, or, as a WIN32 automation object


A Data sheet for our serial programming system is available at ertec's internal download area (registration required).