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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

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IC-ProgrammingSERVICE as a Premium Service Job

As one of the leading system suppliers, ertec also provides device programming in premium-quality as “fullSERVICE”.  The first choice quality stems from the close cooperation between the production staff and the design team at ertec. Even for custom-made requirements, ertec can meet demanding requirements and present smart solutions.

To Program Closest to the Zero-Error-Limit

Utilizing the BEAVER II as the state-of-the-art programming machine –  the fully automated production procedures with 3D-inspection – now even reaches device programming closest to the Zero-Error Limit. This new dimension of Quality Assurance by ertec provides you with the best possible basis for your production environment.

Our Customers' Special Requests are What We Consider as Standard

You can benefit from the ertec Premium-programmingSERVICE: No investment for machinery necessary, yet, you take full advantage of our design-engineers' Know-How. Being a system supplier, ertec has been on the latest technological standards for more than 37 years. We can also meet your custom specific special requirements like:

  • Programming data
  • Device types
  • Device packages
  • Packaging
  • Serial numbers programming
  • Labelling, barcode, etc.
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