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Our Solutions

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ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION: fully customized and preconfigured OnBoard programming

We are offering our programming systems as all-in-one system solution, where all hardware and software components are fully integrated and taylored according to customer's requirements.

Consequently, you will not have additional effort such as putting into service through ertec engineers or writing host software.

Product Details

  • Basic adapter unit incl. changeable fixture - contact devices under test (DUT) via spring probes
  • ertec OnBoard programming system PGS80/P: single or multiple panel programming is possible - according to your requirements
  • Industrial PC (top hat rail) with service software and touchscreen monitor: control and monitor all operations, handling suitable for any production line
  • SPS control unit - automated contacting as well as locking and releasing the station (dependend on result)
  • QA approved quality concept: the highest level of transparency und traceability of all processes via logging and tracing is ensured
  • Customizable production line variants: medium prod. volumes - asynchronous and synchronized in parallel, one piece flow, type sorted, single item lot production, ...

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