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News about ertec

News about ertec

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Successful ISO-Recertification

After the Quality Management System (QMS) ISO9001 had been introduced in 2004, on 22 Mar 2010 a recertification audit was carried out through the DEKRA Certification GmbH.

Despite the global economic recession, the QMS at ertec GmbH, which has been in place for 6 years, has not suffered in which way ever and received full acknowledgement again. Even more, the QMS provided a considerable contribution in terms of coping with the various challenges of the recent past, and, helped to strengthen the company´s stability.

We received our recertification without constraint nor reservation. The auditor has certified that our company implements a QMS in accordance with the norms and regulations as per ISO9001:2008 successfully.

This applies for all fields at ertec GmbH, both for R&D, manufacturing and sales of programming systems for electronic components and boards, just as well as for our IC-Programming Service, which we provide for the automotive industry.

Our general objective is to achieve gapless customer satisfaction. Our commitment and efforts in this direction provide benefits for our current customers and makes advantages available to our future customers, too.

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Author: Dipl.-Ing. Peter Nickel ((Managing Director - Technical Operations))