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News about ertec

News about ertec

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Outlook toward Productronica 2011

In time for Productronica 2011, ERTEC GmbH from Erlangen (Germany) presents a host of new functions of their component programming systems that are great strides forward in complex monitoring of programming processes, for example:

  • Voltage monitoring during the programming procedure
  • Voltage controlled discharging
  • Trimming of microcontrollers
  • NAND-Flash Programming (Online ECC-Correction, Bad Block Management, Partitioning, LINUX-Pre-Configuration)
  • Implementation of manufacturer-specific algorithm features

ERTEC has been developing and producing programming systems and machines for the high-end segment for more than thirty years. They apply two essentially different strategies:

  • For on-board programming, ERTEC PGS80 programming systems are integrated directly into the production line, where they allow memories and microcontrollers to be programmed directly on the mounted component. In close collaboration with the customer, highly complex processes and interfaces are precisely coordinated within short cycle times. Many renowned automotive customers already employ ERTEC on-board programming systems in their assembly lines.
  • Offline programming with the powerful, fully automated programming system BEAVER allows youto program a great variety of controllers and memories, and especially typically time-consuming huge NAND Flashes. ERTEC's new Huge Memory Flashing® considerably reduces programming times compared to conventional programming systems. The programmed components are then automatically laser-marked and, if requested, packed back onto the reel. ERTEC's competent service team provides both on-site service and telephone support. Offline-IC-Programming can be utilized as an external service, too. In this case, the customer delivers the blank ICs accompanied by the programming data to ERTEC. As a result, the customer receives the programmed, tested, marked and repacked ICs, all carried out with ERTEC-machines. These devices can now be used directly in the production line.

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Author: Dipl.-Ing. Peter Nickel ((Managing Director - Technical Operations))