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News about ertec

News about ertec

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PGS85: New Inline-Flasher for 19"-Racks

Onboard Programming resp. Inline Flashing of memory devices and microcontrollers is agreed to present the most efficient programming method of electronic boards in the assembly line. By means of the new Onboard Programming System PGS85, ertec provides to the customer a system driven by the network, offering the usage of implementing a system-enabled process coupling, which can be realized via DLL-API invocations. A gapless traceability is guaranteed through protocolling functions on various levels, which meets the most demanding quality standards of today´s electronic production facilities. Special requirements for programming- resp. flashing solutions, as there are galvanic separatability in the ICT, free cascadability, straight modularity, voltage monitoring, voltage-monitored discharging as well as fitting into short cycle times – all those features are fulfilled without a compromise. The PGS85 can be considered as the space-saving and comfortable 19”-version of the known PGS80.

This new entry to the range of ertec-Onboard Programming Systems serves certain industrial applications where only very little space is available for the flashers. One can utilize up to ten units PGS85, accommodated in just one 19“-rack. Moreover, several racks can be stacked enabling the user to run an even bigger number of PGS85 simultaneously via network. Thus, the IC-specific programming algorithms of the boards to be programmed can be flashed by either one, or, a number of PGS85 units in parallel mode - in exactly the same time. Always with full traceability and maintaining its premium quality.

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