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News about ertec

News about ertec

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All-in-Process Control thanks to Device Programming

ertec integrates 3D inspection system into programming robot controller to provide a 100% protection from errors or damage - manual intervention no longer necessary

The programming robot BEAVER from ertec GmbH now features a measurement unit from the manufacturer ICOS. The connecting pins for the programmed modules are now measured and checked in the same machine directly before packaging. Thanks to the introduction of this technology - known as 3D lead inspection - the programming functions are now integrated in an all-in-process that guarantees that every device that leaves the production line is 100% flawless.

Owing to ever increasing demand, electronic storage devices have to be programmed directly in automation machinery. Once programming is complete, these chips are then transferred manually to another machine, where they undergo optical measurements, after which they are packaged. This manual procedure interferes, however, with what is otherwise an automated process and involves certain risks, for instance NO-GO parts may accidentally be switched with GO parts or damage may occur. With the programming robot BEAVER from ertec GmbH, which features an industrial-standard LIM measurement unit from ICOS, it is now possible to perform the entire programming process in one device with no manual intervention.

BEAVER is an all-in-one parallel programming robot. Used in combination with smartJET technology form ertec GmbH, BEAVER achieves an extremely high processing rate of up to 700 modules per hour. BEAVER can perform parallel programming in up to 64 programming sockets, meaning that its high processing rate can also be achieved with modules with very high Flash capacities that normally take longer to program. In reference to BEAVER's new measurement unit, Manager of ertec GmbH, Konrad Kruse, says: "Thanks to the addition of 3D lead inspection, we can now offer all-in-process device programming. BEAVER takes the chips from the magazines, places them in the programming sockets and starts programming. Then it marks the flawless modules either with a label or by laser, performs a three-dimensional optical check and places the modules in the output magazine. This means that common errors such as coplanarity, pin location or dimensional inaccuracies can be avoided and a 100 percent overall guarantee can be given that modules that have been programmed incorrectly or not at all, as well as modules with mechanical damage are detected."

"All-in" means that a process can be carried out on a machine without manual "intervention" as it were. Such processes are also fully documented, making them fully traceable. The combined BEAVER/ smartJET solution puts ertec GmbH one step ahead on the quality and speed front in device programming. In smartJET programming, all of the data is stored on memory card on site and is therefore directly accessible when required. The data is then taken from preloaded image memory cards and programmed directly into the module. In this way, virtually no time is spent on data transmission and PC computing, and the programming throughput is equal to the direct time needed to programme the devices themselves and nothing else.

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Author: Dipl.-Ing. Peter Nickel ((Managing Director - Technical Operations))