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News about ertec

News about ertec

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Quick flashing of M25-SPI-memories within Full-Premium-Programming-Service; the expert for device programming, ertec GmbH, provides both the equipment and its Full-Premium-Programming-Service for the quick preprogramming of M25-SPI-Flash Memories.

Due to their high system speed, low energy consumption, compact design as well as low cost, currently, the serial flash-memories of the M25-SPI-family enjoy a growing popularity. Many users, however, need preprogrammed devices. ertec GmbH covers the complete range of device programming of various device packages with its Premium-Programming-Service.

The Premium-Programming-Service allows customers of ertec to gain from the very latest programming technology and the know-how of the design engineers – without the need to invest capital. Robots like the BEAVER or automated machinery like the MH240E allow a fully automated mass-device-programming incl. 3D-inspection on the edge of zero-error-limit. Within the unique “All-In-Process“, the BEAVER can exclude the “error-source human being“ e.g. while unpacking, programming, laser-marking, 2- or 3-D mechanical inspection and, e.g. repackaging into the tape. A throughput of 650 devices per hour is guaranteed when using parallel programming in up to 64 programming sockets.

This company achieves the maximum throughput by using the mature Smart-Flash-Technology and programming at the edge of the device´s physical limit. This applies for both the several offline-programmming solutions and the production line accommodatable onboard-programming, using the programming systems of the PGS8X-family.

Peter Nickel, Managing Director of ertec GmbH: “Especially those customers who require high quantities, however, do not consider to purchase a programming robot for themselves, can take advantage of our most up-to-date programming equipment, which, needless to say, provides highest quality and transparency.“

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Author: Peter Preisner ((Managing Director - Development))