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News about ertec

News about ertec

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Extension of Freescale Microcontroller-Support

The new 8-Bit Automotive S08 Family as well as the 16-Bit S12(X) Families of Freescale are supported by ertec, both through manual and automatic offline-programming systems and through inline-programming system solutions.

The programming support which covered the well-known Motorola-microcontrollers of the HC05-, HC11- and HC12- families has been extended for the use of the newer Freescale-microcontroller-families, too.

Besides devices of the various HC08-derivates, now, the devices S08-, S12- as well as the S12X-families are supported through programming systems. This support comprises the numerous device packages on different programming-modules in parallel-mode offline or inline through the production accommodatable onboard-programming systems. The programming-robot BEAVER is the proper tool for these device types to achieve very high throughput in several input-/output-magazines (tray, tape, tube) in handling, programming, laser-marking or labelling, 2D- or 3D-inspection and repackaging. Even complex specific special functions, e.g. those of the new automotive families, are fully covered in these internally capsuled processes.

In addition to the support of the various margin-levels, among others, also the opportunity of activating write- and read-protection functions, is part of the support. Ertec´s Smart-JET-Technology guarantees alongside minimum programming times and, thus, the shortest possible cycle times within the production line resp. a maximum throughput in automated mass-programming.

ertec has the clear objective to broaden the programming support for Freescale-devices continuously in accordance with the customers´ market requirements. The goal is to achieve the maximum coverage of Freescale´s portfolio, both regarding manual- and automatic programming of single devices, and the onboard-programming directly within the production line.

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Author: Peter Preisner ((Managing Director - Development))