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News about ertec

News about ertec

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MemoBox: Upgrade for "PROFEA-II"

Tremendous Transparency in Electrical Facilities

The paperback-sized event recorder "PROFEA-II" provides proof in terms of what interferes the electrical equipment at what time. The signal states are recorded precisely and printed out by the integrated printer on regular paper. The user receives all relevant data for a fault analysis promptly and easily. This is how independent fault protocols can be set up directly on site. As a result, PROFEA-II does not only offer the advantage to reduce the costs caused through downtimes to a minimum; it can also be used as a sort of expert witness in case it is argued on the question "who done it" resp. what is the causer of the given problem. For this system, which has been accompanying service technicians all over Europe for many years, the manufacturer ertec GmbH, Erlangen/Germany, offers an upgrade now - the so-called MemoBox incl. software.

The event recorder while recording switching events

What can a man do once the electrical facility is down or even out of control? After having taken the necessary safety measures, one needs to trace back what has caused the fault. Electrical facilities with freely programmable controls may be tricky sometimes. It is not because there is a lack of analyzing possibilities of states (e.g. recording disturbances) and fault causers. Such jobs can be handled by the controls anyway. However, unfortunately, only the information is captured which was passed on to the controlling computer. In case of an interference in reality, often the problem pops up that the cause cannot clearly be assigned to the fields of responsibility, i.e. mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. Consequently, those who run the facility find themselves in the poor situation facing the problem that the question on the causer needs to be clarified with several negotiation partners coming from various departments of a concern. Just one brief example: The metal lug of a movable workpiece carrier is not attached correctly. Therefore, the assigned touch-free switches (BERO) get occasionally activated too shortly or even not at all. That is why a complex internal procedure is interrupted. Given that this fault only shows up sporadically, as known from experience, the diagnosis of the fault and the fixing of the problem can take a considerable amount of time. In the worst case, the presence and cooperation of several departments resp. divisions may become necessary. This is the crucial point when PROFEA-II has its performance as an "expert witness". The task is to provide the pieces of information which are required for fault analysis, i.e. quick, straight and plain. In general, the market offers a wide range of highly sophisticated devices regarding event-recording and -protocolling. Yet, those units cannot be considered to be designed for easy operation, nor for mobile usage. PROFEA-II has been filling this gap successfully for many years as per the statement of the manufacturer ertec GmbH, Erlangen/Germany. Its compact paperback-sized design as well as its light weight (_

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Author: Dipl.-Ing. Peter Nickel ((Managing Director - Technical Operations))