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News about ertec

News about ertec

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ertius programms Renesas RH850 ready for manufacture – fast, stable and secure

The onboard flash system ertius supports the complete functionality of RENESAS 32Bit-RH850 microcontroller families in a simple, reproducible and traceable way.
ertius flashs the integrated code flash, the data flash and also the emulated EEPROM areas.
ertius is able to flash reliable and suitable for production sites in record speed, even over long cables, which are usually unavoidable with ICT integration.
A programming cycle for full 1MByte code-flash including checksum verify achieves ertius in less than 6 seconds.
Exemplar specific data such as serial numbers, MAC addresses or production data can be programmed into all flash areas.
ertius also offers the possibility to meet the special characteristics of the data flash of these microcontrollers. Up to a granularity of 4 bytes can be programmed and verified in the data flash.
In addition, the complete range of integrated ICU security units (Intelligent Cryptographic Units) in the embedded flash of these high-performance controllers is also offered.
The highly advanced RH850 types from Renesas are garanteed to work for at least 20 years after the programming with the ertius system.

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Author: Dipl.-Ing. Peter Nickel ((Managing Director - Technical Operations))